Ethnic and Nature Arts in Miniature

From My House
To Your House
Wallpaper by XYZZX Creations
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Flower Border #5 - F005  

NOTE: Wallpaper colors may be somewhat different then you see on your screen.
Some of the wallpaper designs also in 1/2 scale
See individual Designs with (1/2)
Wallpaper designs numbers
with this color background available as full page sheet

Numbering system for Ordering Wallpaper
# with 'a'
Boarder + Wainscot
# with 'b'
Boarders Only '
# with 'no letter'
Wainscot Only
# with 'w'
Full Height
add (1/2) after #
For 1/2 Scale

XYZZX Creations
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