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Sand Trading Information

Sand Sample Preparation:

1. My samples are all washed with several changes of water, unless the sample would be destroyed. After washing I dry the samples in the sun or at low temperature in an oven.

2. I make sure my samples contain only sand size particles by putting them through a number 10 mesh seive. Most silt and clay particles are removed by washing.

3. My sample locality information is correct. I use a GPS when I collect the samples or obtain the Latitude & Longitude from online computer maps.

4. I supply complete data for the samples that I ship to the collectors I trade with.

5. The numbers on my samples always remain the same. So! #1220 on a new list was #1220 on the old list. This makes it much simpler to keep track of which of my samples you have received in the past.

Info on the Following Pages:

You can access the sample site maps for samples in two ways, by sample Number or by State/Country.

Page 3. Contains my trading list with most of the information for the samples.

Page 4. Contains Photos of the displays I have made with some of my sand samples. Each display has some time of history that goes with it including; WWII, the description of what sand is, and a fun display for beaches from movies and TV productions, I am trying to do a new display every couple of years.

Page 5. Has info on making a sample card for use with a hand lens or a microscope. These are great for use in a classroom or a show and tell program, only a small amount of sample is needed and the sample does not get spilled all over the working area.


I have collectors ask for larger amounts of sample so that they can have extra samples for trading with other collectors. I'm sorry but I will not send extra material because then I will not be able to trade with that other collector who now has my samples via the other collection. I am asking that when you choose samples from my list that they be divided between samples from the Continental United States or Canada and no more than half from my U.S. Islands or Foreign samples. Thank you.


William Beiriger
5222 Roxanne Ct.
Livermore, CA 94550-3529

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